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Dorothy Day

Dorothy Day Photos

Photo of Dorothy Day courtesy of the Marquette University Archives

Born in 1897, Dorothy Day was baptized in 1927. After her conversion, Day desired to combine her activism and her faith. Peter Maurin's brand of personalism provided the link that Day sought. In 1933 Day and Maurin founded The Catholic Worker newspaper and house of hospitality. Until her death in 1980, Day continued to work on behalf of her "fellow workers" and the poor.


Bob Fitch photo of Dorothy's last arrest.

 Bob Fitch photo of Dorothy Day's last arrest in 1973 while supporting the United Farm Workers, used with permission, © Bob Fitch Photo.



Arrest at a United Farm Workers' demonstration at a farm in Fresno County (1973).

Photo of courtesy of the Marquette University Archives.




Dorothy Day in a Fresno County Jail smock (signed by dozens of inmates).

Photo courtesy of the Marquette University Archives.


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Additional information may be found in the Catholic Worker's Dorothy Day Library.