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The Justice for Immigrants Vigil at the Mesa Verde ICE detention center continues on the second Thursday of each month, continuing the initial Manzanar (a WWII Japanese concentration camp) to Mesa Verde pilgrimage and vigil. See Upcoming Events for more information.

Calia Kammer's Manzanar to Mesa Verde blog is linked here:


View a Diocese of Fresno YouTube interview with Catholic Worker, Liza Apper, regarding the vigil at the Mesa Verde ICE detention center:

We invite you to join us Sundays for Roundtable Discussions. More information is on the Upcoming Events page.

Spring Grief Education and Support Group starts February 5. Sign-ups open; group limited to 8 participants

Volunteer opportunity: We deliver over 25 tons of food to families every year and could use your help if you have a truck and could handle deliveries once a month!

Contact Phone: 559-229-6410 or Visit us on Facebook: